Facebook… Twitter… Instagram… it seems like everyone is on social media these days. If that’s where everyone is, including your potential clients, doesn’t it make sense for your business to be on social media also? What is holding you back? Probably the same thing that holds many other business owners back; they don’t know where to begin. I’m going to help you get started by teaching you some simple social media strategies.

GOAL – First, you must decide what your goal is. I have found that the best use of social media is to build brand awareness by providing plenty of value to your potential clients, and after you have built up enough “social goodwill”, make appealing offers.

STYLE – Each social media platform has it’s own style and strengths you will need to learn and play to. For example, short content (280 characters or less) and videos are best suited to Twitter. Instagram works best with great quality photos and hashtags.

CONTENT – Make sure to produce content that your target market will either find: useful, informative or funny. Providing this type of content will grow your social media reach, as people share content that they value. The content does not always have to be related to your services or products. Take advantage of topical news and trends when producing your content. If you are having trouble consistently coming up with great content, reach out to us about our Social Media posting service.

INTERACTION – Your social media accounts must be regularly monitored. This is not as difficult as it seems, being that they are all able to be managed right from your smartphone! Make sure to reply to comments and answer questions as they are brought up.

FREQUENCY – It is best to post content on your social media accounts regularly. This could range between a few times per week, to multiple times per day. A great idea is to pre-produce content, so you always have information ready to post. Examples of content that you can pre-produce include holiday-related posts, motivational quotes, tips related to your industry, etc. We have a terrific Social Marketing tool, which among other things, allows you pre-produce and schedule content for all of your Social Media channels. Reach out to schedule a demo.

PATIENCE – Be patient with your social media strategy. It takes time to build brand equity (trust), attract followers and see increased business. The mistake that many businesses make, is to think that their efforts aren’t working and give up too soon. It’s a marathon, not a sprint – stay the course!

In closing, figure out your goal, ensure you are using the correct style for each platform, create useful, informative or fun content, make sure to interact with your followers, engage on social media frequently and be patient. With this strategy, social media can elevate your brand and fatten your bottom line!