The Greatest Business Decisions of All Time by Vern Harnish & The Editors of Fortune

This was one of the more interesting business books that I’ve read over the years.  Coming in at just over 200 pages, it is an easy read, the type of book you can easily get through in a few sittings.

As you can imagine based on the title, the book is about the greatest business decisions of all time.  Each 8-12-page chapter tells the story of choices that a company made that changed the course of business.  The businesses in the book represent a wide variety of industries and span a relatively wide time-frame, which makes for a very interesting and engaging read.

Most of these great business decisions were counterintuitive and moved companies, industries, and even countries in new directions.  From Ford’s decision to double the wages of employees to 3M’s 15% rule, reading this book will no doubt inspire and show you the power in thinking outside the box.

Whether you have physical products, services, or are a tech start-up, this book is a must read for business owners, managers, and key decision makers.

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